Workshop Notes

Representing the King in our Physical Life (2022)

Representing the King in our Physical Life
By Melodie Reynolds

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*Who is our King? God
*How do we become princess (a daughter of the King)?
Accepting Jesus as our Savior (become a child of God the King)

*What does representing mean?
To take place of or to act in place of someone or something
We as princess represent our God the King.

*What is physical life?
It’s the condition (working) of your body, anything relating to good health, disease, and fitness level. It is
affected by your lifestyle: diet, activities (practice), and behavior (mental and emotional).
God teaches and instructs us how to take care of our earthly body.


*How should we as princess represent our King? (How do we glorify our King with our body?)
There are 3 main things we need to practice with our physical body as the daughter of the King.

  1. HEALTH-the general condition of the body: the 4 major influences on our health are…
    A. Nutrition (food & drink)
    B. Lifestyle (behavior/habits)
    C. Environment (social)
    D. Genetics (DNA)
    PSALMS 139:14
    God created us with much love so it’s our responsibility to take good care of our body.
    *How do we help our body to stay in good health?
    PROVERBS 25:28
    Self-control is the power to choose what is best for us; to say no to harmful things.
    We need to have self-control and discipline ourselves to eat what is good for our body, be active by keeping our body clean and exercise.
    Our physical life is affected by our spiritual life. They work together. They are intertwined. Therefore to have a healthy physical life is to have a healthy spiritual life.
  2. CONVERSATION-to communicate with someone through your speech (words), expression, behavior (action)
    *What kind of conversation should we practice in our physical life? It starts with our spiritual life. I PETER 1:15
    *What does holy mean? To be separated from the world of sin; no sin
    When we accept Jesus as our Savior, He makes us holy so we need to stop practicing sin; with the Holy Spirit’s help we obey God and He’ll give us power to overcome sin. We honor God with our body when we use our body to glorify Him.
    What we learn, read, watch, and listen to influences our thoughts and spiritual life…
    Where we go, who we hang out with, what we put in our body, what we do with our body affects our conversation/
  3. APPEARANCE-the way that someone or something looks (Part of our physical body is our appearance)
    *So how we as daughter of the King should appear to others?
    I TIMOTHY 2:9-10
    God the King wants us as His daughter to dress modestly (clothes that do not draw attention to our body) and to look like a lady as He created us female.
    God also want our beauty come from our spirit, not use or depend on outward beauty.
    Cleanliness is important to God too. In Leviticus 11-15, God instructed the Israel people how to have good hygiene to avoid sickness and to come into God’s presence with a clean body and clean spirit.
    God created us to be woman (princess-daughter of the King) so we need to represent Him in our physical body by our health, conversation, and appearance.
    II CORINTHIANS 5:20a Ambassador – an official representative from one country to another. We represent God’s Kingdom (Heaven) to people on earth.