2014-2015 Pictures

2015 – Valley Forge, PA

DBLR 2015 - "Bow the Knee"
Beautiful fall decorations
Terry Bracelin (hostess) drawing doorprizes
Nancy leads the songs
Sisters singing
Recognizing the States
Amy Remington - speaker
Judy VanSant - speaker
Charlene Hanson & Melodie Reynolds - Speakers
"What a privilege to...bow the knee." Sandra Coleman
Harvest Choir
Bow the Knee
Liberty Baptist Church of the Deaf Choir
Jim Bracelin - Tech Guy
Debbie Snare Award goes to...Karen Campbell!
Thanking the speakers
Beautiful Blankets!
Yummy food!
Judy VanSant teaching
Nicole Condra teaching
Craft time with Mary Buchholtz
Candle Snowman
Candle cakes
Good friends
More friends
Friend, daughter, mother
Ha! I see you!
Serious conversations
Vicki Kelly
Auction time!
Fun stuff
Crockpot goodies
"Famous" auctioneer - Carlene Camp
Sports Blanket
Ruth Douglas bidding
Bidding war between Sharon Bordean and Terry Bracelin
I won! I won!
Announcing next year's DBLR - The Inn at Christmas Place (Pigeon Forge, TN)
DBLR Group Photo


2014 – St. Louis, MO


Continental Breakfast
Continental Breakfast! Yum!
Jan Coleman voice interpreting
Barb Strosnider


Ruth Douglas teaching
Rachel Strosnider, Hostess
Silent Word Ministries Book Tables
Lighthouse decorations
Pastors' and Missionaries' Wives
The "Debbie Snare" Award
Winner of the "Debbie Snare" Award
Debra Spargur
JoAnn Drago
Sharon Bordean
Door Prizes!
Biggest Door Prize!
Yah! I won!
The Speakers
"Show-Me Jesus" Contest
Show-Me Jesus Contest - License Plate Winner
Second and Third Place Contest Winners!
Delicious Food!
The Happy Helpers
Comfortable Room
Silent Word Ministries Choir
"He is Almighty, Unchangeable God!"
Donna Condra & Kim Rempel
Trying to decide
Maria & her dog
Group Picture
Crystal & Vicki
Mary Buccholz
Vicki Kelly
Lisa Hunter
DBLR Group Photo
DBLR Board Members
The Speakers
Going up in the St. Louis Arch!
At the St. Louis Arch
Jan Coleman
Two Pastors' wives

Arizona Friends

Terry Bracelin