Workshop Notes

The Gift of Proper Friendship

DBLR 2016

Introduction: What is a friend? Who is my friend? Friendship is rare. Friendship between Christian is especially sweet because of the bond of Christ. Friendship are wonderful gifts to our lives straight from God. You and I are either friends of God or friends of the worldly. We cannot be friends of both. Do you know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? James 4:4. Building those friendship is wonderful way to encourage and lift up others in the Lord.

  1. Bible say about Friendship?
    1. David and Jonathan – I Samuel 18:1-4; I Samuel 19-20
    2. Ruth and Naomi – Ruth 1: 16-17
    3. Elijah and Elisha – II Kings 2:2
    4. Shadrach/Meshach/Abed-Nego – Daniel 3:1-30
  2. The Question of Understanding Friendship
    1. How to develop a friendship:
      1. Importance love friendship – Proverbs 17:17; Proverbs 11:14
      2. Friendly first – Proverbs 18:24
      3. Friendship trustworthy and reliable – Ephesians 4:15
      4. Friends tell the truth – Ephesians 4:15; Proverbs 27:6
  3. How to treat your friends
    1. Kindly one Another – Romans 12:10; 19-21
    2. Communication – Ephesians 4:29-32
    3. Fellowship – Philemon 1:6
  4. How to Pick Your Friend
    1. Be Caution – Proverbs 13:20; Proverb 2:20
    2. Unbeliever – I Corinthians 14:33
    3. Dealing with possible conflict between friends – Philemon 1:7-9

Conclusion: Why is it hard for some people to find a true friend. Most times they reason is they motives are selfish. They are looking for someone to give their friendship as not much interested is being a friend. Real friendship is built on being honest, or helping each other to do the right things. You can’t just let your friend do anything he wants if you know it’s not right, and if you have the mistake idea that this is showing him your loyalty as a friend than your thinking way off.

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