Workshop Notes

Forgiveness for Bitterness (2018)



The definitions of resentment and bitterness:

Quotes from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Resentment is ‘a feeling of anger or displeasure about someone or something unfair.’

Bitterness means ‘angry and unhappy because of unfair treatment.’

INTRODUCTION: Resentment is like a poison that can hurt you and others. The poison works constantly to gain power over us to destroy us. It is like a deadly germ that grows.

What happens if we hold onto resentment? It can grow into _________________________.

  1. What causes bitterness?
  • Jealousy
  • Not fair treatment
  • Problems rise
  • Lost job
  • Family situations
  • Financial problems
  • Friendships messed up
  • Failures
  • Life not perfect
  • Wrong choices
  • Bully
  • Bad decisions
  1. The result of being bitterness: The seed of bitterness is planted in your heart. If you let the ‘bad’ seed grow, it becomes a root of bitterness. A root is tough to remove, much tougher than a seed. It is better to remove a seed than to remove a root.
  2. Characteristics of a bitter person:
  • A bitter person doesn’t care about that person that she is bitter against.
  • She is very touchy.
  • She can be ungrateful.
  • She criticizes harshly.
  • She holds grudges and finds it difficult to forgive.
  • She doesn’t have a good attitude.
  • She will not help anyone.
  • She has high and low moods.

II. What does the Bible say about bitterness?

The basic cause of bitterness is SIN and GUILT.
It leads to anger, grudges, slander (insult), hate and malice (or desire to see another suffer).

  1. God says NOT to be bitter and hold a grudge. Ephesians 4:31
  2. Forgive them that hurts you. Luke 17:3
  3. Jesus knows all what you did and yet, He still has forgiven all you have done, if you are saved. Ephesians 4:23
  4. Stop worrying and filling your thoughts about someone who did you wrong. Proverbs 24:19
  5. Do not get even. Proverbs 24:29; 1 Peter 3:8
  6. If you happen to hurt others when you do not mean it, you clearly want to be forgiven, right? So, you need to forgive others that have wronged you. Matthew 6:12; Mark 11:25 – 26
  7. Do not be happy when bad things happen to them. Proverbs 24:17 – 18

III. Examples of two different people in the Bible that experienced bitterness and forgiveness.

  1. Cain – Genesis 4:1 – 26
  2. Joseph – Genesis 45: 18