Comments from 2019

(In Plymouth, Massachusetts)

“A great, memorable retreat. Many, many thanks!! God bless!!”

“Rooms so nice and program rooms close by – easy to and from! All good!”

“I love the fellowship with the ladies to communicate with and want sightseeing the places in other states for next year at DBLR.”

“Wonderful weekend for renewal! Thank you so much!”

“Impressed with the availability of interpreters.”

“Everything taught were lessons I needed.”

“This year was great. Plymouth Plantation was a place of history and interesting food, too!!”

“Thank you for being willing to share/host! Been blessed!”

“Another wonderful retreat. The Word of God was explained very well.”

“I enjoy them (retreats) where we are urged to walk with God, keep our hearts on fire, and to have a better spiritual life.”

“Everything was wonderful – great fellowship!”

“Workshops helped me find a lot of solutions to solve problems – understand and feel better. They were like counsel from the Bible.”

“Keep it up with Deaf Ladies Retreat forever.”

“Hearing God’s Word help me be better pastor’s wife and support husband more.”

“Love the Ladies Retreat!”

“Great handout for remembering.”

“Thank you for being REAL – open & honest.”