DBLR 2016 Poster
DBLR Board with Santa
DBLR Board
Carlene welcomes the ladies.
Terry Bracelin at the registration table.
Christine Gonzales leads the songs.
Silent Word Ministries choir
Kim Rempel
Cheryl Mason & Sharon Bordean
Great group!
Tracey Saville
Harvest Deaf choir
Liberty Baptist Church of the Deaf
The teachers
Karen Langin
Tricia Olson
Jan Coleman
Ruth Douglas
Vicki Kelly
Snowy Devkota
Missionaries & pastors' wives
Winners of the Ugly Sweater Contest!
Ugly Sweater Contest
Breakfast at the Inn at Christmas Place
Banquet at the Apple Barn
Presenting the "Debbie Snare" award
The "Debbie Snare" award goes to...Debbie Mingo!
The "tech" ladies
Pastor and missionary wives class
Mothers & daughters
Christmas drama
Almost the largest group at DBLR...over 200!

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