Comments from 2013

“Very good! Very uplifting! Awesome!”

“This my first time at retreat. I had a fun time. The deaf people and hearing made me feel welcome.”

“All meetings and speakers were wonderful/awesome.”

“The ‘Attitude’ workshop was so wonderful! I really needed that!”

“I thought the voice interpreters did an awesome job. I truly enjoyed my experience…”

“Very friendly workers with great attitudes! They helped me be prepared spiritually.”

“I was surprised to see so many door prizes. Bless the wonderful cooperation of many committee volunteers. Bless chairperson always cheerful in positive attitude. Such a good leader.”

“Everything is perfect. It’s my first time. Thank you for the opportunity and bless soo much.”

“Very good conference overall–already plan to come next year.”

“I enjoyed to meet new friends, and learn more about creation and stories.”

“Wonderful retreat. Great for relax and grow more spirit away from stress and work so hard.”

“Every retreat I go to I learn more and more and love the fellowship with the deaf ladies and all ladies who come. Draws me closer to God too as I learn more of Him and His great love for me so I can help others in our church.”

“Really enjoyed my first time! Sure wish more days/time though. God bless you all for the hard work.”

“I was especially blessed by those workshop speakers who had struggled and been given God’s victory in that area. It helps to hear how God has shown someone through the Bible how to have victory.”