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    Comments from 2022

    “Thank you for another Great Deaf Retreat.”“Wonderful Time – Thank You!”“Awesome! Keep continue pray!!!”“Retreat really rich of learning! Very helpful. Thank you so much for hosting. God bless you!”“Bless you for providing an interpreter for my Asian friend.”“Overall job grade A+”

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    Comments from 2019

    (In Plymouth, Massachusetts) “A great, memorable retreat. Many, many thanks!! God bless!!” “Rooms so nice and program rooms close by – easy to and from! All good!” “I love the fellowship with the ladies to communicate with and want sightseeing the places in other states for next year at DBLR.” “Wonderful weekend for renewal! Thank you so much!” “Impressed with the availability of interpreters.” “Everything taught were lessons I needed.” “This year was great. Plymouth Plantation was a place of history and interesting food, too!!” “Thank you for being willing to share/host! Been blessed!” “Another wonderful retreat. The Word of God was explained very well.” “I enjoy them (retreats) where…

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    Comments from 2018

    (In Phoenix, Arizona) “Thank you all for a wonderful retreat!” “”The food was really good. It was nice to have the buffets outside.” “Thank you! Another successful retreat! Excited for the next one.” “Thank you for the opportunity to be immersed in the Deaf Christian community! It was a wonderful, encouraging, learning experience.” “The retreat was really enjoyable and refreshing.” “The workshops were good to help Deaf people improve their character, attitudes, so on.” “I liked that there were plenty of workshops to choose from and the songs of praise.” “Thank you for putting together interpreters for the Deaf-Blind.” “I liked learning more and being reminded of God’s Word.” “I…

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    Comments from 2017

    (In Whitewater, Wisconsin – Camp Joy) “Thank you so much for the great successful ladies retreat!” “Thank you ladies, for the effort it takes to plan these conferences. Our Deaf look forward to coming every year. It is such a blessing to see them come, socialize, and learn from God’s Word.” “My first time to attend. I will spread the word about this wonderful deaf ladies retreat.” “I had a great time!” “Keep up the amazing work!!!” “Good time to meet new faces.” “It was wonderful. So sweet to find a gift each time at mealtime. Something related to each workshop topic…to remind us.” “Awesome job with surprise at every…

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    Comments from 2016

    (In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee) “Very nice. Great job with bringing the theme into everything. Thank you.” “Awesome board group making plan everything. Great job!” “The speakers were wonderful giving out God’s Word in the classes and speaking. The singing was great too.” “Loved it! “Workshops – Great!” “I liked the workshops/decorations/everything/banquet at Applewood Grill!” “The workshop teachers/speakers were phenomenal.” “It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new friends too.” “The skit was funny!” “I loved the theme, The Perfect Gift.” “Everything was wonderful!”

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    Comments from 2015

    (In Valley Forge, Pennsylvania) “Wonderful job. I had a great time. Looking forward to next year.” “I had a wonderful time—thank you for all your (the team) efforts!” “The ladies that taught were very positive. Great example for us.” “The retreat is awesome!” “Thank very much to all Board for all they did—Praise the Lord. Beautiful Retreat!! Looking forward to great 30th Retreat!!” “I feel refreshed and ready to go home to my daily life.” “I enjoy coming and so far been able to go to each one the past seven years. I enjoy the fellowship together…” “The rooms were very nice & the food was delicious! Thank you!” “The…

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    Comments from 2014

    “Enjoyed my second time beside the weather. Looking forward to hopefully going next year.” “Awesome seeing some friends again and learning more. Thank you!” “Great jobs! God bless you!” “Wonderful classes, fellowship, making new friends in Christ!” “Praise God! Keep up the good works for Deaf Ladies Retreat. Bless committee workers, leaders, interpreters, teachers, and first-time visitors.” “Everything is great.” “This was my first Deaf Ladies Retreat, but I enjoyed every minute. Thank God for wonderful program and all who worked so hard to make it possible! Love you and God’s grace!” “Thank you for being you. You’ve shown me Jesus time over time. Love you!” “I thoroughly enjoyed my…

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    Comments from 2013

    “Very good! Very uplifting! Awesome!” “This my first time at retreat. I had a fun time. The deaf people and hearing made me feel welcome.” “All meetings and speakers were wonderful/awesome.” “The ‘Attitude’ workshop was so wonderful! I really needed that!” “I thought the voice interpreters did an awesome job. I truly enjoyed my experience…” “Very friendly workers with great attitudes! They helped me be prepared spiritually.” “I was surprised to see so many door prizes. Bless the wonderful cooperation of many committee volunteers. Bless chairperson always cheerful in positive attitude. Such a good leader.” “Everything is perfect. It’s my first time. Thank you for the opportunity and bless soo…

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    Comments from 2012

    “Each time I come to Ladies Retreat I learn more–how to be better in my life with God’s help and how to help our ladies at our church.” “Thank you for teaching & showing how much you care & support. I really enjoyed it–touched my heart! I will come again next year!” “My first year come DBLR. I really like it and hope I can come next year.” “Everything at this retreat was done just perfect, to the glory of God! So glad I came.” “Thank you so much for having this DBLR. It was so fun and I am looking ahead to come again. I enjoyed myself and the…

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    Comments from 2010

    “I do want to tell you all that the retreat is so inspiring! I do enjoy the workshops – worthy of learning! Those speakers & teachers are so wonderful. The committee did a good job! Guess Shirley…& I are the only ones that traveled by Amtrak train. It took 24 1/2 hrs for me to get home!”–Joyce, Texas “It was my first time going to the Deaf Ladies Retreat and loved every minute of it! I really am thankful to the Lord (and my husband!) that I was able to go and am looking forward to go again next year! It was really WORTH it!!!!” Christa – Alabama “Wow great…

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